Applesauce and Moonbeams

ABOUT Carol Strickland

Carol Strickland
Carol A. Strickland is the author of two novels, Touch of Danger, from Cerridwen Press, and Burgundy and Lies, from Lulu. She is unusually obsessed with Wonder Woman and has a column, "Star-Spangled Panties," that runs on Comic Book Resources.


After a hit man blasts telepathic psychiatrist David Lumen’s mind into the body of a pampered kitty on its way home to the moon, David’s desperate plan to make himself whole again is hampered by his new feline life. The only person close enough to communicate with is struggling avant-garde artist, Pippin Applegate.

Pippin has problems of her own. The Fashion Police ticket her unmercifully for appearing disheveled in public, even though her accidents are ALMOST never her fault. Her aunt is pressuring her to quit art and become VP of the family’s Lunar apple business. And now Pippin has to deal with a telepathic cat?

Together they spot David’s body walking around... with the hit man’s mind inside. Can David regain his true body when it’s leaving a trail of chaos and murder that leads to Pippin’s make-or-break art show?

Approx. 90,000 words, or 270 pages in trade paperback form.