ABOUT Patrick Douglas

Patrick Douglas
Patrick E. Douglas lives in Montana with his wife Jessica and their two sons Marky and Jack. Douglas, a journalist since 1994, has written for numerous magazines and newspapers across the country. A movie critic who has watched thousands of films, Douglas initially began writing novels as More...


This grim thriller doubles as both an investigation into what motivates a group of teenagers to commit a horrible crime and an examination of how their lives are permanently affected by it. In 1983, a circle of high school friends performs one of the most heinous acts of rape and murder in Colorado history. For 20 long years, only those responsible have carried its burden. Now a killer is systematically targeting the perpetrators, some of whom are enjoying enormous success while others wallow in petty lives, shrouded in grief and guilt. In order to catch the killer, one gruff detective must uncover the past and reveal the friends' secrets. Only after he redeems the victims can the killer's vengeful sentencing be stopped.