100 Steps to a Lean Body

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Katarina Nolte
Katarina Nolte, author of "So Long Constipation, Part 1", "100 Steps to a Lean Body", "The Natural Path to Hormonal Wellness, Part 1", "49 Gluten-free Recipes", "50 Gluten-free Recipes" and "51 Gluten-free Recipes".  Blogger. Rev More...


Are you having trouble losing weight?
Are you dealing with stubborn fat?
Are you eating healthy and exercising and find yourself still unable to reach your optimal weight?
Are you having problems finding clothing that fits you due to problem areas?
Are you choosing clothing that hides your problem areas over the types of clothing you really like?
Do you experience periodic bloating and embarrassing water retention?

Are you tired of it all and absolutely serious about getting lean for good?

If any of the above applies to you, read 100 Steps to a Lean Body and make it happen!

While the main focus of 100 Steps to a Lean Body is placed on switching from a diet based on industrially processed food to one that consists of real food, such a change alone does not produce the degree of success that the book is suggesting. In addition to dietary changes the steps include a series of supplements and many other details necessary to achieve optimal results. It is important that you take every detail contained in 100 Steps to a Lean Body into account and incorporate it into your daily life. This is also one of the reasons why you will need time to achieve your personal optimum in terms of your muscle to fat ratio.

100 Steps to a Lean Body is a holistic, all encompassing program meant for those who are ready to make all the changes necessary to change their figure for good. The typical modern environment we live in today, unfortunately, makes it difficult to be lean and remain lean indefinitely. Many individuals do begin to exercise regularly and even go as far as getting on any one of the comprehensive lifestyle diets that are available to us at present time, but they still struggle with their weight. For this reason, the focus of 100 Steps to a Lean Body is, specifically, to lose fat and strengthen muscles in spite of the environmental obstacles. The combined steps will help you turn the fat burn and weight normalization switch on and keep it that way, but you must pay attention to detail and be patient, thorough and focused for an extended period of time until it becomes a habit. This is what makes 100 Steps to a Lean Body a complete lifestyle changing program.

100 Steps to a Lean Body is my second book on the subject of wellness, after So Long Constipation, Part 1. Both books deal with seemingly minor wellness issues which affect most of us at some time or another. My third book on the subject of wellness will be a short one like 100 Steps to a Lean Body and will be all about hormonal balance with an emphasis on testosterone. When I started writing 100 Steps to a Lean Body I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to squeeze in all the important info into a short book, considering that I managed to write over 500 pages on the subject of constipation in So Long Constipation, Part 1. Now I can see that I have achieved my goal and I am pretty happy with the resulting book. My hope is that as many people as possible feel inspired and motivated to achieve their wellness goals and continue to learn more on the subject.

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