The Power of African thinking

ABOUT Leontine Van Hooft

Leontine van Hooft
I have worked as an independent consultant, interim manager, management coach, trainer and (intercultural) mediator. As my experience was pilling up I decided to compliment it with a university degree. I did a master in Governance Anthropology at University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.  More...



Is it a coincidence that recent leaders have African roots?
Charismatic people like Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan,
Desmond Tutu, Paul Kagame and Barack Obama have been
praised for their knowledge, vision, skills, unifying ability
and their thoroughness. These are leaders who focus on
vision, courage, passion and compassion. They are builders,
peacemakers and campaigners for equal rights.
A substantial part of this leadership style is the African
philosophy of Ubuntu. Ubuntu means simply ‘I exist
because of we.’ Connecting is central. You cannot function
as a human being without being part of a greater whole.
Africans apply this humanistic philosophy to every sector
of society, from politics, law and religion, to healthcare,
education and the economy.