Rebels of Halklyen: The Hawks: Book One (Volume 1)

ABOUT Paula Baker And Aidan Davies

Paula Baker and Aidan Davies
Paula Baker and Aidan Davies decided one day when they were jumping on the trampoline, that they would team up to write a book. Aidan’s head is full of stories, and his mother, Paula loves to write. They live in British Columbia, Canada with their family where she is a librarian and ban More...


Assassins are not always the bad guys.

Thirteen-year-old Flint is sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. Steps away from the gallows, a mysterious jester and a black-cloaked figure snatch him from his guards.

He comes to The Hawks an untrained serving boy, but under their instruction he and his friend, Fleta, become skilled in the art of assassination.

The citizens of Abbarkon struggle to survive in a country ravaged by corruption. Only The Hawks dare to stand and fight for what they know is right.

Paula Baker and Aidan Davies are the mother and son creators of the World of Abbarkon. They work together to write The Hawks--a middle grades fantasy trilogy.