Dicmatized 2: Bitter Sweet Revenge (Sexcapdes)

Romance, General Fiction, Gay & Lesbian

By Dyphia Blount

Publisher : Gemini Phoenix Publications LLC

ABOUT Dyphia Blount

dyphia blount
Dyphia is a Visionary! She believes that with God leading the way, there is no boundaries to success. She is a loyal wife, mother, and friend. Dyphia wears many hats and they all fit her profoundly. Dyphia's dream of being a best-selling Erotica/Romance Novelist is well within reach as her More...



Being the best sex therapist in Atlanta comes with a price tag. Lenese learns quickly that loving two men is not healthy and being pregnant by one of them is the least of her problems. Her longtime friend/employee, Liz has it in for her and will make her pay at all cost. Will she reveal Lenese's secrets to the love of her life, or will she just use Lenese's sexual tactics against her by sleeping her way to the top? The lies, drama, deceit, and sex of this hot trilogy will have you on the edge of your seat!

Two people in love but just can't get it right. Lenese is in love with her longtime friend, but because of the way he chooses to live his life, she can't be with the one man she loves. Changes will happen in part 2 that will take you on a roller coaster ride of pleasure and pain!

Reading this book left me nothing short of a very satisfied and impressed reader, which was not a suprise for me coming from this author. She always delivers!....and well! After reading Pt. 1, I anxiously awaited Pt. 2. Now that Ive read Pt. 2, I am so ready to see what the next is going to be like. One of the many things I like about Dyphia's writing style is that she is so detailed. Detailed to the point where you literally get sucked into the book as if you were one of the characters or as if its a movie instead of a book. I love it! This book, just like Pt.1 is a page turner! Once you start to read, you wont want to stop until its done! Unlike so many other eroticas I've read, from the first page to the last, I was completely glued! This book is sexy, and drama-filled! I promise you wont want it to end! To all of the readers who enjoy and appreciate a story/erotica of quality, I assure you that this book will leave you nothing short of satisfied. Im impatiently waiting for the next part of this book, lol...but all great work takes time. I love this author and look forward to future publications.