Environment 24/7 Building a Culture of Environmental Awareness

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Greg Anderson
Gregory M. Anderson spent the past decade as president of one of the largest Consulting & Training companies specialized in providing behavior-based safety and leadership training for companies operating in high-risk environments around the world. Greg is considered to be a leading au More...


Are you recognizing the need to increase environmental stewardship within your organization? Could an environmental incident significantly impact your bottom line? Or maybe the organization has a good environmental record but you know more could be done.

You have limited resources to invest on even the most critical issues; therefore, you want to be sure you are focused on the right ones. Are employees aware of their behavior and the impact it can have on the environment, or have they grown complacent over time? Are supervisors tolerating behaviors that could put the environment at risk to achieve increased operational performance? Or is senior management unintentionally sending the wrong messages?

Whether reading in the board room or on the front line, Environment 24/7 helps address all of these questions in a simple to read format that is sure to make a difference in both your professional and personal life.