Death Mask


J F Klyne
I am twenty three years old, born and rasied in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I have recently graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with my bachelor degree in engineering.  Writing is a hobby, but it is something that I love.  Death Mask is my first published work.



Raise the curtain, let the performance begin! The streets of Cemberburg are paved with blood. A theatrical masked killer, Gentleman Phantom, has appeared in this peaceful metropolis to unleash a performance of destruction. He has left many dead in his path, including the childhood friend of Joshua Rogue; the city's youngest detective. Detective Rogue makes it his mission to put an end to this deranged murderer. In pursuit of the ever elusive Gentleman Phantom, Joshua must face his own inner demon that dwells from his dark past. His self-confrontation reveals that there is a deep connection with the nefarious Gentleman Phantom that no one could fathom.