Save Your Hips, Heal Hip Pain Naturally and Avoid Dangerous Orthopedic Surgery

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By Christine Kent

Publisher : Whole Woman Inc.

Save Your Hips, Heal Hip Pain Naturally and Avoid Dangerous Orthopedic Surgery

ABOUT Christine Kent

Christine Kent
Since 2003, Christine Kent has been helping women successfully manage pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, which affect more than eighty percent of all women at some point in their lives.  In her landmark book, Saving the Whole Woman, for the first time she has accurately descr More...



Hip surgery, including total hip replacement, has become a staple of the medical system.  Patients assume the surgery is normal and routine, and that this miracle of modern technology will let them get back to their lives without the chronic hip pain that has dogged them, sometimes for years.

In Save Your Hips noted researcher Christine Kent tears the veil off the multi-billion dollar hip surgery industry.  Drawing from the medical system’s own research, Kent exposes the fact that assumptions on which these very sophisticated surgeries are based have never been scientifically validated.  Yet hundreds of thousands of these surgeries are being performed every year in the US alone, far too often leaving patients irreparably damaged.  

She reveals procedures that surgeons have developed to correct “congenital deformities” with no evidence that the conditions are either congenital or deformities. The vast majority of these surgeries are being done on women.

In her previous book, Saving the Whole Woman, and her work with thousands of women around the world, Christine Kent has demonstrated the importance of natural spinal curvature on the pelvic organ support system.  Save Your Hips proves conclusively that natural spinal configuration, not surgery, is the ultimate solution to chronic hip pain.


Since 2003 Christine Kent has been keeping thousands of women out of the operating room for pelvic organ prolapse, the most common women's health issue. In early 2012, Christine noticed that women were writing into the Whole Woman forum that not only had their prolapse symptoms improved, their hip pain was gone. With this intriguing clue, Christine spent more that 15 months in an exhaustive study of the hip surgery research. What she learned was a shocking picture of a multi-billion dollar industry out of control. With no oversight, orthopedic surgeons are performing hundreds of thousands of procedures a year on unwitting patients who do not realize that their x-ray measurements are highly unreliable and many of the conditions that are considered justification for surgery have nor the procedures themselves ever been scientifically validated as legitimate and effective. This shocking exposé is essential reading for anyone with chronic hip pain who has contemplated hip "repair" or total hip replacement surgery. The companion DVD provides a detailed program of safe and effective hip therapy developed by the author.