The Nunca Riddle: A Young Woman Proves Herself in the Amazon Rain Forest

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Jo Tartan, a high school girl and youngest member of her family, is determined to prove herself. Her chance comes when she joins her scientist parents on an expedition to the Peruvian Amazon to investigate the obscure Nunca people. The Nuncas possess secrets of enormous scientific value: freedom form malaria, exceptional health and long life--the Nunca Riddle.

Expedition Leader Mark Steiner doubts Jo is up to the challenge and opposes her participation. In an unguarded moment, she becomes lost in the hostile rain forest, turning the expedition into a search for her--just as Steiner predicted. Surviving on guts and ingenuity, she learns Nunca tribal secrets--What the expedition came to discover. She more than proves herself.

Jo's story is an adventure of discovery and survival, rich with Amazon lore, anthropology and medical science.