Mags and the AARP Gang

Mags and the AARP Gang

ABOUT Nancy Lynn Jarvis

Nancy Lynn Jarvis
Nancy Lynn Jarvis was a Santa Cruz, California, Realtor® for more than twenty years. She still owns a real estate company with her husband, but she says writing is so much fun that she has officially retired from being an active agent. After earning a BA in behavioral science from San Jo More...



Senior comedy is in the works because Mags and her friends, renegade octogenarians all, will do whatever it takes to save their homes. They’ll even rob Bayside Community Bank, the bank about to foreclose on the mobile home park where they live, so they can pay off their mortgage.

The senior gang has cased the joint, planned carefully, assembled their disguises, rehearsed their every move — so what could possibly go wrong? Plenty.

Some people think they can take advantage of the elderly. They haven’t met Mags and the AARP Gang or they’d know better. Sure, they’re older, but not too old for the adventure of a lifetime or to risk everything for the sake of friendship. Along the way, they have to become senior sleuths and pull off two complicated stings, but it’s all in day’s work in this feel-good senior comedy.