ABOUT Michele Kimbrough

Michele Kimbrough
I love coffee, wine, movies and writing. I read lots of suspense/thrillers. I also like to read contemporary romance and chick lit. Rainy days are the best because it gives me an excuse to lounge in my PJs and do a movie marathon.



Attorney, Prudence Payne, seems to have it all: beauty, intelligence, love and a sure path to making partner with her law firm. The reality is her boyfriend, James, is unable to commit. She's dealing with recently revealed family secrets and lies. And, she’s doing it all without her best friend who died a year ago.

Richard Mayweather is a single father raising two daughters. He’s been in love with Prudence since they were tweens, and now he thinks it’s time that she knows it. But when James decides to finally commit, is it too late for Richard? Or will Prudence realize, at last, that the love she’s always searched for has been right in front of her the whole time?