Journey to Q'eros: Golden Cradle of the Inka

Journey to Q'eros: Golden Cradle of the Inka

ABOUT Elizabeth Jenkins

Elizabeth Jenkins
  Spiritual Teacher of the Inka-Nature Wisdom Tradition and International Bestselling Author, Elizabeth B. Jenkins is an American writer of popular spiritual books.  She is also a licensed psychotherapist, cultural investigator and organic farmer. At the age of twenty-eight a profound s More...



At last, the sequel to Elizabeth Jenkins' International Bestseller, THE RETURN OF THE INKA! Jenkins continues the rivetting true-life account of her initiation into the Andean Mystical Tradition as she leads a group of initiates to where the High Andes meet the Amazon jungle. Here at 15,000 feet, in the tiny isolated villages of Q'eros, the group is tested to the limit as they encounter their deepest fears and greatest hopes on their way to meet the living descendants of the Inkas. In the ancient Inka village of Choa Choa where "...smiling sacred brown-eyed people, living on the edge of time, invite you into their stone houses and serve you tea..." they pass their first test and meet Don Manuel Q'espi, High Priest of Q'eros. Only then is the group permitted to receive his initiation, and follow him to the Q'ollorit'i Festival held at 17,000 feet altitude---the precise location where the first Fifth Level Priest endowed with super healing powers, is prophesied to appear.