Silverwest Manor (Silverwest Trilogy)

ABOUT Victor Kwok

Victor Kwok
I was born and raised in the state of Hawaii. I attend the University of Hawaii, and am a sociology major. My hobbies include surfing the net and writing the next story.



Marcus' family just inherited a mansion from Old Man Silverwest, a distant relative. So it's a new town, new school, and new friends. Just the kind of thing a newly made family needed. But all is not what it seems in the town of Fallen Oak. Cats and dogs could talk and transform. There are tiny imps that attack in swarms. And just about half of the residents are either warlocks or Faerie.

As the inheritor of Silverwest's estate, it falls of Marcus to inherit Silverwest's title as a warlock, and not just any warlock, but one of the Nine, the ruling council of warlocks of Fallen Oak, with the duty to cast a magic ritual to stop demons from breaking out into our world and doing the usual evil demon stuff.

When trouble strikes the town of Fallen Oak that threatens his family, Marcus will have to follow clues left behind by the warlock before him and deal with an old evil that has come back to haunt the people of Silverwest Manor. But he won't be alone. He'll have friends at his side. And with a little bit of magic, anything is possible.