Little Book, Big Prayers: Career and Finances

ABOUT Christine Brooks Martin

Christine Brooks Martin
Christine Brooks Martin is a bestselling author of prayer books, devotionals and inspirational titles. The focus of her writing is to evangelize the message of Jesus Christ and help others develop and deepen their relationship with God. Her motto is, "Lord may I share the knowledge of More...


"Career and Finances" is the third in the "Little Book, Big Prayers" 4-book series. This prayer book will help you learn how to declare the scriptures over your career and finances while building your faith and confidence in God. You can receive His guidance and direction for your career path. Your life can change from indebtedness and lack, to prosperity and well-being when you embrace the covenant promises found in the word of God. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some prayer topics appear in more than 1 book in the "Little Book, Big Prayers" prayer book series.
Declaring or praying the word of God will help you: 
--Experience more commitment and confidence 
--Learn to make better decisions about your career & finances 
--Learn the significance of putting God first in your life 
--Overcome insecurity and understand & fulfill your purpose 
--Experience natural and spiritual promotion & blessings 
--Understand the importance of service & stewardship
This prayer book will help you exercise your faith to experience the transforming power of God over your circumstances. Declare the scripture-based affirmations that God is the Lord, He is your source, and you choose His will for your life. Gain more faith in His promises of protection, provision, healing and deliverance. Through prayer you have power to change what you think, say and do in any circumstance. God wants you to experience spiritual growth and make better decisions about your career, your finances and your life.