Tea With Grace, A Story of Synchronicity and Platonic Love

ABOUT Orest Stocco

Orest Stocco
Introducing Georgian Bay Author, Orest Stocco Born with a spiritual restlessness that could not be tamed by my Christian faith, I became a spiritual seeker when I discovered reincarnation in Plato's Dialogues at the age of fifteen. I grew up in a small town in North Western Ontario, and at More...



Grace Kendal, a married ex nun from St. John’s Newfoundland, has outgrown her Roman Catholic faith and suffers the anguish of her calling for more spiritual freedom; but Providence arranges for her to meet Oriano Fellicci, a housepainter and creative writer from St. Jude, Ontario who expands her faith and offers her the freedom she longs for; but will she step into the undiscovered country of her own soul and liberate herself? Tea with Grace is an astonishing story of synchronicity and platonic love that will expand your horizons and leave you in a state of mystical wonder. A TRAGIC STORY OF LOVE AND DENIAL.