Go For It!: Motivating Christians To Do God's Will

ABOUT Jeremy G Woods

Jeremy G Woods
Jeremy G Woods is a native of Huntsville, Alabama. He attended the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama, and has also taken some seminary courses through Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He has published four books that are¬†available online.¬† You More...


Has God been laying something on your heart for you to do? Make sure it is God's Will, not just your desires, and then prepare to do it. Then go for it!


I did not mean to write this book - it just happened. I am about to be a missionary overseas, and I have seen Christians say they are called to the mission field, but I haven't heard of them having been preparing to go. This book was written to address Christians to encourage and motivate them to fulfill God's calling on their life, and if they don't sense a particular calling, to jump on board and help another Christian fulfill his or her calling. If we are the body of Christ, then we should be working as one, to one goal - the salvation of the whole world, so that no one will perish. There are languages that don't even have the Bible translation started in their language. Why not start there? That represents millions who don't even have a chance to hear in their mother tongue yet.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Go For It! - Motivating Christians To Do God's Will by Jeremy G. Woods is an uplifting book with a strong Christian message. The book speaks about God's will and tells readers to go for it if there is something that they really want to do. He tells readers to look at it as not their desires but God's Will.

The book is very inspiring and motivating. It depicts everything in a positive way and eliminates negativity. Everything is looked at with a positive eye, which itself makes the book a good read. Each chapter has some questions afterward for readers to comprehend what they read and what they want from their lives. Even though there are going to be obstacles in your journey of life, God will always have something lined up for you.

One of the important questions put forth to readers is whether they are in touch with God. There are times when you sense something unexpected and you feel that it is a divine call and you need to be there. The author tells readers that they should not be hesitant in taking it up at that time. Many parts of the book are in a question and answer format. That makes it very easy for readers to understand and get the answers to what they are looking for. The book is very spiritual, yet at the same time practical in handling life and its complexities that bother us so often. An uplifting book that can be used a guide in our lives when we are in doubt.