Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants

Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants

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Troy Blackford
Troy Blackford is a 29 year-old writer living in the Twin Cities with his wife, infant son, and two cats. He has seven┬ápublications available on Kindle and in Paperback: the novel 'Through the Woods,' the novellas 'Critical Incident,' 'Emergent Pattern,' 'Strange Way Out,' and 'Booster & More...


More horror from Troy Blackford, author of 'Strange Way Out,' 'For Those With Eyes to See,' 'Critical Incident,' and more. A combination of terrifying chills and ridiculous laughs so unusual that you'll be crying your eyes out with humor even as you cower under your sheets out of sheer dread for your imagination's sanity. Answers the question 'What's it like to be scared out of your wits while laughing yourself to the point of drooling?' with a resounding 'Very good, sir.'

"A great job entwining humor with sheer horror."
"The author has taken the genre of horror up several great notches."
"Absolute delight and perfection.... a truly enjoyable book."
"Seldom did I laugh so much while reading a story."
"Another surefire winner from Troy Blackford."
"A horror twist on P.G. Wodehouse."
"I laughed myself silly through this... horror tome."

On what seems to be a perfectly ordinary night, young Broderick 'Brodie' Booster flips on the evening news to find that New York City has been overrun by hundreds of thousands of reanimated corpses. After a visit from his previously dead Aunt Gertie, Booster and his manservant Reeves make a quick trip to a hardware store to outfit themselves with decent zomboidal defenses, and set out on a harrowing trek across town to confront the thieving maid responsible for the hordes of the undead.

Every step of the way, they encounter the unusual, the sinister, the depraved, and the hilarious. From irritable diva news reporters to crab-like zombies and arachnid pooches, things go from weird to worse. Without the help of the unflappable Reeves, the ditsy Brodie would have been munched for what there was of his brains long ago. But, even together, are they a match for the ancient evil fueling this dark 'Night of the Revenants?'

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