A Place in the World

General Fiction

By Malcolm Frierson

Publisher : On the Ocean Books

A Place in the World

ABOUT Malcolm Frierson

Malcolm Frierson
Malcolm Frierson is an Assistant Professor of History, researching the politics of culture in the African American experience. His work tackles serious issues in entertaining fashion and offers positive, realisitic portrayals of African American life and culture. Born in Jackson, Mississip More...



Set in Ghana, Baltimore, and rural Georgia, this stunning novel unfolds as a tragic tale of love and family life. Kwame is a brilliant, nationalistic university professor, and Abena (Evelyn), a smart, dedicated elementary school teacher. The couple leaves the U.S. and lives near Accra for a year to adopt Kofi, a little boy who becomes the center of their life back home. But after divorcing, Kwame marries Layla, his passionate grad student with a shocking secret, and a reborn Evelyn enters interracial marriage to Brian. Caught between his parents’ conflicts, a teenage Kofi strives to find himself while battling the dangerous voices in his mind of ancestors lost in the Middle Passage..