Lead to Succeed

ABOUT Jackie Capers-Brown

Jackie Capers-Brown
Hello O'Brave One, I am the CEO of Grow Forward & Flourish Training and Consulting and the founder of "The Brave New You Project." I am a "Champion of Possibility."  I help individuals develop empowering perspectives about who they are, who they can become, what More...



For more than twenty years, Jackie Capers-Brown quietly navigated an award winning leadership career in the hospitality industry. Starting as a minimum wage employee with Marriott hotels, she navigated her way through the ranks of management to lead winning teams and become an award-winning leader of a million-dollar business.

Now, Jackie has a vision to build an award-winning mentoring program for youth and single parents in her hometown of Columbia, SC. The mentoring program, ELEVATE helps participants develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Jackie wants to ensure that there is no cost to participants, so she wrote this book to help fund ELEVATE Leadership and Entrepreneur Mentoring Program.

In Lead to Succeed, you will learn:

•How to tap into the power of agreement to create an empowering identity that compels you to realize your leadership ability

•Real world ways to apply effective personal leadership habits to improve your productivity and performance on the job

•A three step method for handling conflict and improving your relations with others on the job

•How to apply social and emotional intelligence skills to become a person of influence and a key decision maker in the workplace

•How to build the inner fortitude necessary for staying the course to achieve your workplace aspirations

Regardless of your present position or circumstances, Jackie shares how she was able to overcome obstacles and optimize opportunities so that her story inspires you to believe that you can do the same. Your life is only limited by how far your thoughts and actions will take you. In this book, you will develop the faith, foresight and fortitude necessary to get ahead at work- no matter what your job is.