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ABOUT Catherinee Fallow

catherinee Fallow
Im a Young writer, i love books, the are my pasion and like it could tells in effect, i start to write to create my own Paradise between the real life , the sadness, the experiance of life and of course the great things that can happend if you pay atention to the destiny. I write about lov More...


Im also grateful, first with god to help me to create this, with some music bands like paramore, placebo and of course my chemical romance one of the best bands of the history, thanks and keep creating all this beautiful music and lirics. I want to grateful for the help of some friends who inspire me to create some beautiful things in this history, to my family that in some way help me in something and ofcourse to my best friend and partner that support me in everything, thanks for help me to keep going when i wanted to stop. Thanks everyone.