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Love Twilight? Love Only Human!
A Human Borne of Vampires!!
Aecia is a deformity! A curious case of two members of the same species producing another one! Desperately lonely, and living a lie, she creates an imaginary human friend whom she names Amica. When she meets a real friend 'Garok' she is overjoyed, but her happiness is short lived when the truth of her origin is revealed, and it will shake the foundations of the cruel vampire world forever.

˃˃˃ Barbaric Clone Farming!
After the great war when vampires finally defeated humans, they needed a constant stream of blood to supply their need. Having killed most of the humans, the ones that remained were cloned, and hung in warehouses (farms) to be simultaneously fed with liquid food and drained of their blood.

˃˃˃ More Than A Human!
Aecia discovers that she has some abilities which other humans don't possess. Will this bring her closer to her group, or will it create a wedge between them?

˃˃˃ A Trip to the Vampire Government to Meet The Elders!
On a mandatory school trip she goes to he Ordinatio where she has no choice but to be in close proximity to the ancient Elders. Can she keep her humanity a secret from these magical and powerful beings?

Go with Aecia into a dangerous futuristic vampire world. Feel her fear, and her love, as she struggles to keep her secret or die!

I was always going to write in the teen/young adult fantasy genre. I have three young adults of my own ranging from 16 to 25 years and I always ask their opinion on my imagined, creatures, plot-lines, and settings for the story. Granted, the speed of their answers could indicate that they are not even listening, but I still feel better for having acquired their approval. Only Human was born after reading the superb Twilight series, but I wanted to create a teen who is going through all the normal difficulties associated with growing up, but also with the other mammoth complication of being the only human in a vampire-ruled society. Aecia deals with her life of lonely isolation by creating Amica (imagined human friend) who she speaks to constantly as if she was really there. Amica might develop into something more in the sequel 'The Blood Wars-Crystal Secret', or perhaps the third book! I'm saying no more. Creating the characters in Only Human has been a riot! I had great fun with our 'Bill". God love him; he's a midget with one ear, one eye perched in the position a face usually reserves for its nose, and a patchwork quilt of skin colours. He is one of the second batch (the first being the red-skinned sanguis) of clones attempted by the vamps with their flawed genetic swirl of DNA. Bill's beauty goes far, far deeper than the skin he is wrapped up in. Garok (Aecia's love) is not your average 'boy band' dude; he is Ed Sheeran with a peppering of tattooed, rough round the edges 'indie band' members thrown in. He is my girl's type of hero, from his ginger blond hair to his gingerbread man tattoo. I think all writers grow to love their characters, and I know I do. I only hope that you enjoy them, and the whole story of Only Human, and I thank you so much for reading this. Maria

***** 5 stars "This book filled the gap in my life after I finished the Twilight Books" - Beryl Stafford

**** great read!November 13, 2013
MamaDavis Only Human (Kindle Edition)

 Great read!!! I couldn't put it down!! Grabbed me from the start and I just had to keep reading! Highly reccommend

5.0 out of 5 stars Totally Enjoyable!!, October 9, 2013


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Twist on Vampire theme, October 19, 2013


5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoy, October 21, 2013
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This review is from: Only Human (Kindle Edition)

This was a great book and I can not wait to read the next book. The author is very imaginable and I have enjoyed this series so far.


5.0 out of 5 stars Original & Completely Captivating, 22 Aug 2013
This review is from: Only Human (Kindle Edition)

"Only Human" is the tale of Aecia a young human girl born of a vampire clan that must hide who she really is for fear of being discovered by the vampires that rule the world. Ms. Bradley writes a truly captivating tale that steps perfectly into the void left by the Twilight fantasism which has now come to an end after the books/movies have finished, and manages to to still have a unique & imaginative plot that surpasses other books in the genre.

Aecia is desperately lonely, heartbreakingly confused about who is is (and what she is) and only wants to feel like she belongs somewhere. When she meets Garok for the first time she feels like she might actually belong and might actually be a part of something bigger than she could have ever imagined. The promise of others like her is too tempting for her and she begins a quest that might just lead to her uncovering secrets and hidden truths that have far reaching impacts than just her own life.

The novel is gripping, charming and evocative... making you run the gamut of emotions as you are swept along in Aecia's tale as she learns about herself and the world around her. The sweet, adorable romance between Aecia and the mysterious Garok is wonderfully authentic, inspiring that rose-hued color of young love, but with the shadowing of the dangerous supernatural world over it.

Altogether, this book is an original novel that promises a lot in the summary and delivers in spades, captivating the reader and driving them along on a fast-paced, truly charming plot that won't disappoint.