The Urban monk diaries: the adventure begins

ABOUT Urban Monk

urban Monk



Urban Life. Enlightened mind.

Is it even possible to mention them in the same sentence? The two appear to belong to different worlds. Urban life unfolds in the midst of office skyscrapers, convenient relationships, stressful careers and the corridors of power. Enlightened mind-the mastery of the self-is attained in the solitude of dark forests, mystical mountains, secret mantras and ancient teachings.

How can the two co-exist?

Welcome to The Urban monk diaries. An adventure spanning one world, many people and many lifetimes. Through it, you will learn The Way of the Urban Monk; and begin to fall in love with both worlds. All over again. It is an adventure that we believe, will refresh, renew and rejuvenate you. Oh. But one small thing...To finish the adventure, you will need to find a treasure. A treasure that returns to you, the keys to your freedom. The Urban Monk diaries offers you 100 clues to find it. Whether you discover the treasure in the first clue or the 100th or not find it at all is up to you. Yet, the treasure has been hidden in plain sight. Forever. Many before you have found it.

But this time, the seekers start the treasure hunt from the heart of the city.

Start your treasure hunt now.

An adventure story.