The Ring Of Stones (The Chelsea Perkins Trilogy)

The Ring Of Stones (The Chelsea Perkins Trilogy)

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Robert Taylor
​I was born and raised in Bryan, Texas a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... I started writing stories down when I was ten after one of my older sisters (thanks, Gari!) read an assignment I'd written for school and thought it was hysterical. I followed it up with lots of other st More...


Book 2 of the Chelsea Perkins Trilogy, this volume picks up at the end of the first with Chelsea struggling to come to grips with her destiny and what she must do to fulfill it, now that Elsbeth Danwich's plans are about to come to fruition.

​​In the middle installment of the Chelsea Perkins Trilogy, the young witch is dealing with the consequences of her forced entrance into the magical world of her father, and the temptations of dark magic loom over her every day. In addition, she has started seeing the future past the day of her confrontation with Elsbeth Danwich - a future in which she has given in to her worst tendencies.