Butterflies in Bronzeville

General Fiction

By Sonya Lavette

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Sonya Lavette

Sonya Lavette
My name is Russian and means wise, skillful one.  I'm a southern girl.  Born in Augusta Georgia. I'm an avid reader, but I also am a published author.   I love to dance, sing, write poetry and meet interesting people. The one thing people typically assess about me when they meet me is More...



1962 was the last year of innocence in America. It was the calm before the storm. Teenagers, Fred Peebles and Gwynette Burgess have a chance encounter on the "L" train coming home from school that will change their lives forever. Much of the action takes place between her and her best friend, Bunny Thompson, each going through various changes that impact the other, but remaining close friends through it all. Through a succession of fascinating events impacting the other, combined with a series of clever twists and turns; their lives intertwine with other connecting stories, and exciting characters over 3 decades, highlighting love, hate, joy, sadness, the challenges of class, social prejudice, and the unexpected. All of the characters live in Bronzeville. Butterflies in Bronzeville is a hip, adventurous saga, highlighting Black culture, and its people trying to define themselves through the ups and downs life challenges them with, yet through them, they emerge strong, bold and transformed, like the butterfly.

Before I wrote this book, I was thinking of where I came from compared to being in a place where I really am not sure about. I thought about how much I missed people, and the things that made me. Then I started thinking about old friends, all the crazy stuff you go through growing up and going through in life. I was homesick. And when the story-line came to me: It reminded me of what I loved. This story is about exactly that: family, friendship, community, and most important, love. It's the perfect story for the holidays. It's a story revolving around two best friends and how life impacts us all. It's thoughtful, humorous, and real. This is definitely a keeper. I had fun writing it...and it is my hope that you will have even more fun reading it.