Online Dating: a Memoir

Online Dating: a Memoir

ABOUT Billy McCoy

Billy McCoy
Billy McCoy was born in Alabama and lives in Minneapolis,MN. He has written six novels: Mocha Confidential, Delilah Samson, Letters from Winnie, Strange Fruit,Pine Street Peddler, Online Dating:a Memoir and Second Chance Sister. Billy enjoys reading, writing and biking. He loves history bo More...



Hilarity and absurdity---along with mordant wit---abound in Online Dating: a Memoir , Billy McCoy's controversial novel, which tells the story of delusional Peyton Cresap's devouring and doomed passion for online dating. Online Dating: a Memoir is also the story of a quintessentially alienated man colliding with a cheerful world which he cannot accept. A seductive meditation on Online Dating.