Phantoms of Fall (The Haunting Ruby Series Book 2)

Phantoms of Fall (The Haunting Ruby Series Book 2)

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Joy Elbel



Love demands sacrifice...but how much is too much?

With the haunting at Rosewood far behind her, Ruby thinks life with Zach will now be perfect but she couldn’t be more wrong. In reality, her problems have just begun. As the season changes, so does everything else. Zach’s behavior takes a disturbing turn, classmates unleash a new brand of torture, and new friends become new enemies. Worst of all, Rita unveils a startling revelation about the summer’s events—Ruby’s close brushes with death may have opened her up to the other side. Now knowing that what happened over the summer could be just the beginning of a very long battle with the supernatural, Ruby is faced with a tough decision. Should she reveal this fact to Zach or do what she swore she would never do again—lie? The mounting stress has devastating effects on Ruby—or is something else the cause? Paranormal activity in the school creates more danger for Ruby and Zach than she ever imagined possible. Their love is tested in more ways than one as Ruby faces The Phantoms of Fall.