Men Should Be On Mars, Women Should Have a Penis

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An hysterical look at why Women should own a penis, why all Men belong on Mars, and why on Earth all Men use Martian logic. This book gives women a better understanding of the hidden powers of the penis, and what it’s like for a man to surrender to every whim in the true meaning of impulse.

Mixed with facts and history you may laugh until you cry while reading this point of view. Like a spontaneous erection, the idea simply emerged one day and demanded to be dealt with.

Men are revealed as either good, bad or ugly bastards. Therefore all men are at some time bastards. We should not be afraid of this simple truth. Let's face it - menstruation, menopause, mental illness and meningitis, just to name a few, all start with men!

It is suggested that Men be flung through space and land on Mars, the biggest naughty spot in the universe, while leaving their penises back on Earth with Women, a bit like a time share so women can get to know what it's like to have a penis.

Mars is four thousand, two hundred and twenty-two miles in diameter, or six thousand, seven hundred and ninety-four kilometres. Metric makes it sound much bigger and that's a well-known trick of the penis. Read on and discover a lot more about the penis and the male mind it's attached to.