Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity from China

Travel, Biographies & Memoirs

By Brandon Ferdig

Publisher : The Periphery Publishing

ABOUT Brandon Ferdig

Brandon Ferdig



Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity from China is about how placing yourself in a new environment allows you to refresh your philosophy and reexamine life’s fundamental issues.


In August 2010, American Brandon Ferdig went to live in China for eleven months. What is it really like in China? Through photographs and word, this book shows us. And that’s just the start. 

Ferdig shares his observations and the insights gained in areas such as education, poverty and wealth, freedom, sex and relationships, and treatment of animals and nature. 

And more than just observing, Ferdig gained these insights by participating in ways that found him onstage, in a parade, in homes sharing meals, up a mountain practicing martial arts, touring a factory, photographing 
a protest, going on a date, and more.

This picture-rich book reveals that the same social and personal issues are dealt with by people worldwide. Seeing them addressed in a place so different from one's own, however, allows for a new angle and a better understanding. 

In all, this book is about China, about the United States, and about humanity.

Brandon Ferdig grew up in northern Minnesota. Early on, he discovered a fascination and enjoyment interviewing people and studying what makes them tick. This interest led to a degree in psychology. But he realized his true passion not in a research lab--it was out on the street. And after graduating, he switched focus to journalism and media via blogging, cable access television, and freelance reporting. In his mid-twenties, Ferdig fell in love with travel--specifically, how it opened his heart to engage with new people and opened his mind to new insights about humanity. He visited several domestic and international destinations, but not content with the knowledge and wisdom attained from just travel, he decided to move abroad. Ferdig lived in China for eleven months working and traveling. His book, Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity from China, is the culmination of the experiences and insights over his time there. Ferdig's other writings on technology and law, human behavior, social commentary, and his human interest stories have been featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and Minnesota Public Radio ( He writes at, where he currently shares commentaries and travel stories from a recent stay in East Africa.

"Mr. Ferdig wrote a great book for everyone interested in learning about China. His experiences are vast and varied and shows the country from a variety of perspectives. Wonderful idea to add a ebook version!"

"This book left me feeling excited about a greater understanding of China and eager to seek out more travel adventures of my own."

"Solid writing, fluid style, and insightful passages add up to an unexpected treasure of a book. An exceptional value, especially for those of us who always wanted to visit China."