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Jessie Paul
As Chief Marketing Officer of Wipro’s IT business and as Global Brand Manager at Infosys, Jessie Paul has been recognized for her contribution towards putting the Indian IT industry on the global map. She has used innovations such as award programs with academic institutions, mindsports, More...



There are many small companies who cause discontinuity in the business environment.  The upstarts frequently challenge the established, large firms.  Their marketing budgets are small in comparison to their competition, but leveraging innovation and new marketing techniques, they can establish themselves and grow rapidly.  This is what firms such as Infosys and Wipro did in the global IT services space or what a Hyundai did against Maruti in the India car market.  The author, Jessie Paul, leverages her experience at Infosys and Wipro to share insights into how other firms can also create their own marketing and positioning framework.


No Money Marketing is in two parts – the first part is about the theoretical underpinnings required for positioning a brand in the flat world.  The second part, the practioner’s playbook explains the levers and channels that can be used to build a brand at very little cost.  Some of the tools require money, and some do not, but the key is that these techniques require relatively less money than traditional marketing.


An added value for readers will be the first-person interviews with Nandan Nilekani, Chairperson - Unique Identification Authority, Govt. of India,  and formerly Co-Chairman, Infosys Technologies, Dr Vijay Mallya, Chairman – UB Group, Girish Paranjpe, Jt CEO, IT Business, Wipro Ltd, Anupam Mittal, Founder – Shaadi.com and Shelly Lazarus, Chairman – Ogilvy & Mather Advertising.

I am a great believer and practitioner of the concept of No Money Marketing. I am glad my former colleague, Jessie Paul, has published her thoughts and ideas in this area as a much-needed book for students and professionals of marketing and brand creation. This is truly an important value addition to the body-of-knowledge in global brand creation.   

N. R. Narayana Murthy

Chairman of the Board & Chief Mentor

Infosys Technologies Ltd

As Chief Marketing Officer of a leading global technology business from India, Jessie Paul brings to bear a unique perspective on how new market entrants can leverage the

phenomenon of globalisation to build their brands and compete in the marketplace in a cost-effective way. This highly readable book provides great insights into how a

brand image can be created - or destroyed - in the global village - and how a business can use the flattening of the world to its advantage.

K. V. Kamath



No Money Marketing is a very timely, insightful and practical book especially for upstart brands and companies!  Each chapter makes you think of non traditional ways to build a brand without spending too much!  I especially enjoyed Jessie Paul’s advice on blending of core and surround brand attributes and CEO Branding.

Jagdish N. Sheth, Ph.D.

Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing

Goizueta BusinessSchool, Emory University, USA

Author, Chindia Rising:  How China and India Will Benefit Your Business

The title of the book is seductive and the contents do not disappoint.  Jessie has provided a fresh and valuable framework for how to make very little marketing money go a really long way, and has illustrated it with several examples and insights from successful practitioners.  This book is a must read for anyone who spends marketing money or controls marketing money, and most certainly for people who want to build global businesses without the luxury of deep pockets.

Rama Bijapurkar

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Author: We are like that only – understanding the logic of consumer India

The world today, the so called flat world, poses both challenges and opportunities that firms across the world are grappling with.  The flat world has also spawned a new generation of firms that are girding up to compete with the incumbent, established giants. No Money Marketing presents an insightful analysis of the challenges and opportunities thrown up by the flat world and offers a step-by-step script for developing a marketing strategy for the new challengers, the “upstarts”, to deal with the challenges and leverage the opportunities, to take their place in the new world, without breaking the bank. A must read for business heads and marketers alike.

Amitava Chattopadhyay

The L'Oreal Chaired Professor of Marketing-Innovation and Creativity

INSEAD, Singapore

Most experts acknowledge that in today’s hypercompetitive, global economy, traditional forms of advertising and marketing are not as effective as they once were. The art of gaining the consumers’ attention often must be combined with the science of measuring -- through techniques that technology makes possible -- the results of marketing efforts. Jessie Paul’s book serves as an insightful guide through this rapidly changing terrain. With her clear writing, Paul explores new marketing techniques and shows how firms from emerging economies have employed them to build both brands and market share. Whether you work for a powerful Fortune 500 firm that dominates its business or for an upstart that is challenging such incumbents, you should read this book. If you don’t, years later, you may end up wishing you had.

Mukul Pandya

Executive Director/Editor-in-chief, Knowledge@Wharton

The WhartonSchool, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Co-author, Knowledge@Wharton on Building Corporate Value

Jessie Paul’s No Money Marketing is a refreshingly provocative guide to marketers who want to succeed in today’s flat world.  Her ideas and examples are very real and practical and can be put into practice now.  This should be a must read for anyone in a company that doesn’t have an unlimited marketing budget – which is most of us!

David C. Munn, President & CEO, ITSMA (the IT Services Marketing Association)

Jessie Paul has very beautifully proved through her book  that it is possible to create value and sustain it also through marketing in a flat world without large investment . The book very logically takes the reader through the strategic evaluation and implementation steps and helps the person to see the future of competition. These logical steps and thinking in an ever-dynamic environment helps the company develop marketing resources and capabilities for competitive advantage. What I liked best in this book was the intellectual flow with examples at every step, which makes the reading enjoyable and creative.

Prof Prashant Salwan

Chairman Strategic Management Area

Chairman Centre for Indian Multinationals Education and Research CIMER
Indian Institute of Management Indore