Program 13 (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 1)

ABOUT Nicole Sobon

Nicole Sobon


Two identities. One body.
17-year-old Emile Reed, may have died, but she isn't dead. Her body now belongs to Program Thirteen, where her every thought, every movement, is controlled. Until Emile begins to find her way back inside of Thirteen's core, where she manages to fend off Thirteen's programming to reclaim the life that she lost. But Charles McVeigh, the owner of Vesta Corp, isn't willing to let Thirteen go. And he will stop at nothing to reclaim control of Thirteen's programming. Because without her, McVeigh has nothing.
What makes you human?

Series Order:
Program 12: a Program 13 Short Story -- Free on
Program 13 -- Available Now
Allegiance (Digital Short) -- Available Now
Deprogrammed -- Available Now
Standby (Digital Short) -- Available Now
Rebooted -- Coming Soon
New Beginnings (Digital Short) -- Coming Soon