It's Ninety Percent Mental - Life's Outtakes Year 6

ABOUT Daris Howard

Daris Howard
    Daris Howard, an award winning author and playwright, grew up on an Idaho farm.  He was a state champion athlete, competed in college athletics, and lived for a time in New York.   
    He has worked as a cowboy, a mechanic, in farming, and in the timber industry.  He i More...


52 Humorous And Inspirational Short Stories!

     52 humorous and inspirational short stories from year 6 of Life's Outtakes, a nationally syndicated column by Daris Howard. From the humor of a girl's wrath in A Practical Joke Gone Awry to the touching reminder of those who are less fortunate in The Year I Lived Christmas, this is a fun look at family and community life.

Stories include:

  1. Practical Joke Gone Awry
  2. The Mechanics Test
  3. Animal Anomalies
  4. A Technology World
  5. A Little Bit Of Motivation
  6. Misbehaving Washing Machines
  7. It's Ninety Percent Mental
  8. The Importance Of Playing Fairly
  9. The Perfect Halloween Prank
  10. Spreading Sunshine
  11. It's Not Over Until The Whistle Blows
  12. Key Responsibilities
  13. Differences In Gratitude
  14. In The Hot Seat
  15. The Relationship
  16. The Year I Lived Christmas
  17. The Mysterious Broken Waterer
  18. A Relative Disaster
  19. Dealing With Class Complaints
  20. Keys Of Christmases Past
  21. The Joy Of Learning?
  22. Your Toughest Opponent Is Yourself
  23. Old Hickory - The Board Of Education
  24. Getting Stuck With Pinning On A Corsage
  25. A Snow Machine And A Valuable Lesson
  26. Always Together
  27. What's In A Name - Jackie Honda
  28. What My Students Learned
  29. A Young Calf And An Unforgiving Swing
  30. How Farm Dogs Get Their Names
  31. The Healing At the Pool Of Bethesda
  32. Don't Take Away A Calf's Dinner
  33. Bovine Madness
  34. Hiking Packs Unevenly Distributed
  35. What's In Your Pack
  36. Human Rights Violations And Cinnamon Rolls
  37. An Empty Tank, And Late To School
  38. Destroying One's Enemies
  39. The Picture In The Wallet
  40. A Friend's Girlfriend, Or Not
  41. I Am Grateful For A Father Who…
  42. Something New, Something Bubbly
  43. Freedom We Take For Granted
  44. Best Fishing Spots Are Kept Secret
  45. That Spam I Am
  46. Heart Aches Of Being A Parent
  47. The Imperfect Gift
  48. Sisterly Love
  49. Buying Better Raspberries
  50. That Really Stinks
  51. How To Get Out Of Band Class
  52. Oh Deer