ABOUT Claudette Alexander

claudette alexander
Claudette Alexander was born in St. Lucia and has been living in Toronto, Canada for the past 40 years. Family love fuels her and gives her the strength to face life’s challenges. Her memoir, SUNRISE FROM AN ICY HEART shimmers with humanity: a story of love, grief, the tears an More...



Claudette Alexander grew up in St.Lucia with parents and nine siblings in a happy home. At 22, she immigrated to Canada to join her 24 year old lover, in what was supposed to be till-death-do-us-part. Four years later, she was alone and pregnant. Tigerishly protective of her son she was determined to grab the branch of hope and land firmly on her feet. As she embarked on the sea of love, she encountered stormy weather, and her heart grew as frigid as the North American winters. It would take a special man to crack through her icy heart.
SUNRISE FROM AN ICY HEART chronicles Alexander's journey to find a special man to love her and her children. After four failed relationships and two sons: Terence as charming as a sunrise and Kriston, her sunshiny star, she struck gold with Malcolm whiles battling chronic kidney failure.
This is more than a love story. It is a woman's resolved to care for her children, raise loving sons, and rise above the strangling odds that face immigrants.

I have always been an avid reader of romance books and have always had the desire to write a book about romance. Did not know that my first book would be about my love life and my journey to find the right man to love me. In addition I have raised two loving sons as a single parent. The joys and headaches of this accomplishment needs to be shared.