Undercover Smart: 5 Steps to World Domination Non Fiction

Undercover Smart: 5 Steps to World Domination Non Fiction

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Enoch Mubarak
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This book is the official and true story about how in the year 2005 and beyond 38.3 million African Americans in the United States are being eliminated off the face of the earth. This book is evidence and proof for history to record that African Americans were destroyed by the undefined intelligence of black leadership. This book is true evidence that in the year 2005 God sent forth the answer to the prayers from the righteous, but African Americans, for the lack of defined intelligence, could not recognize the hand of God. This book is proof that the Congressional Black Caucus', The Black ministers/leaders' and The Black Leadership Forum of Academies' failure to recognize the hand of God is directly responsible for the elimination by God of 38.3 million African American men, women and children currently living in the United States of America. This book is evidence that any surviving African Americans do not have to perish because of black leaderships' collective lack of undefined intelligence. This book is proof that God has offered "you" a chance to save "yourself." This book is evidence that God has offered you his other hand. Buy and read Undercover Smart, Five Steps to World Domination if you want to live. Buy and read this book if "you" and "your" family want to live in the 21st century.