A Shadow On The Land (Legends Of Astarkand #1)

ABOUT Krystine Kercher

Krystine Kercher
A former MK from Indonesia, Krystine Kercher now shares her love of adventure by writing fantasy and science fiction from a Christian perspective.


In the far north of Altesse, amid giants’ ruins and simmering volcanos, a shadow lies over the imperiled kingdom of Astarkand.

Carrying ancient relics, a blue-cloaked dragon knight has arrived in Hearthing. The minstrels give him a bigger swagger than he knows he deserves. The crown prince is furiously jealous of his fame and respect. The king secretly plots to bring him down while welcoming him at court. Does the dragon knight, Bjorn Horsa have what it takes to outwit the king, or did he just get lucky with the dragon?

One of the roots of this book sprang from a map I spent many happy hours drawing with my son when he was in grade school. The map suggested stories and characters. The other root was a dream that when written down, fleshed out some of the characters in this made up world we were playing around with. That story (not published) eventually led to this story, and the rest is history...

A Shadow On the Land is written in a delightfully lyrical style. An entertaining fantasy with Christian themes, and a satisfying "good triumphs over evil" story line. - Laura Wheeler

Ms. Kercher has created a world and a hero that catch your attention and make you want to cheer for them. - Pastor George McVey