King's Ride (Legends Of Astarkand #2)

ABOUT Krystine Kercher

Krystine Kercher
A former MK from Indonesia, Krystine Kercher now shares her love of adventure by writing fantasy and science fiction from a Christian perspective.


Bjorn can't be crowned king until he has been acknowledged in Hearthing as Eiathan's Heir. In Neith, the small celebration his companions want to throw for him mushrooms wildly out of control!


While Bjorn is having fun, traitors hatch a plot to make Weinolf king in his father's place.


Mischief abounds in Astarkand as Eiathan's ancient enemy, Vodan spies on Bjorn and seeks to make trouble for him.

This is the second book in the Legends of Astarkand series. As I wrote the first book, the main character, Bjorn Horsa, really grew on me, and I decided I wanted to write more books with him as the main character. I enjoy his sense of humor, his appreciation and wonder at the world around him, and his determination to succeed no matter what roadblocks are thrown in his way.