Eiathan's Heir (Legends Of Astarkand #3)

ABOUT Krystine Kercher

Krystine Kercher
A former MK from Indonesia, Krystine Kercher now shares her love of adventure by writing fantasy and science fiction from a Christian perspective.


Mayhem erupts in Hardeburg. Men's lives are at stake as an evil enchantress dogs Bjorn Horsa's footsteps and attempts to undo his efforts at securing peace.


Bjorn's effort to counter Woden's evil leads to raven omens, sabotage by squirrel, and an attack by a fire-breathing dragon. Can Astarkand's problems get any worse?

This is the third book in the Legends of Astarkand series. In this one, Bjorn rides to relieve the city of Hardeburg from the depredations of a barber who has talked the duchess's army into taking over the keep. Will Bjorn be in time, or will the duchess's stepson, Lythis will be sacrificed on Woden's Day? Read to find out! One of the major characters in Eiathan's Heir is Gunhild; a shapeshifting sorceress. As she looks for ways to create trouble for Bjorn, she transforms from one creature to another. Some of her transformations are almost as hazardous to herself as they are to anyone around her.