Vampire - Child of Destiny: Vampire Series

Young Adult, Horror, General Fiction

By Charmain Mitchell

Publisher : CMMpublishing

ABOUT Charmain Mitchell

Charmain Mitchell
Hi,   I'm Charmain, and I live in a pretty market town in Hampshire in the UK with my partner, four children, two cats, and countless chickens and ducks.  Actually, I was very tempted to write and a partridge in a pear tree at the end of that sentence, but that would be silly (although More...



Vampire - Child of Destiny, is the second book in the 'Vampire' series of books, and continues with the story of Gwen, a five hundred year old vampire.

Gwen tells the story of her life starting in Tudor England, and will continue throughout history until present day. Vampire - Child of Destiny continues on from the first book in the series: Vampire - In the Beginning. The book follows Gwen on her first steps into vampirism, murder, abduction, and surviving a difficult and precarious period in her long life.


My words may have been strong, but in truth, I bled inside. The need to see my son grew stronger every day. I imagined his chubby face, and his sweet smile, for I feel certain he would be smiling by now. Henry was ripped from my slashed womb to enable him to live, and as I died, I heard his cry, and rejoiced that he lived, but not once did I see his face. Matilda had whisked him away, certain that I was dead, but Robert had fed me his blood, and against all the odds, I had survived. I was certain I had survived so that my son could live his life without their depravity, for as much as I loved Robert, he lived an evil existence, and I did not intend to give my son up to his will.

Praise from Julia Gibbs (proofreader).

'Just to say that I'm still really enjoying reading this, it's such a compelling narrative that even if the reader doesn't identify with the actual nature of the vampires, she takes a keen interest in the fortunes of Gwen, she's such a sympathetic character. This is because it's a character-led narrative, and the descriptions are so richly pictorial, they bring the scenes alive.'

Reviews from the first book in the Vampire series 'Vampire - In the beginning'

5* Mary (
'very interesting book kept me riveted from start to finish , highly recommend can not wait to read more from this author'

5* April Reynolds (
'This story is about a woman that has lived as a vampire for over 500 years that is writing out her life and how she became a vampire until the here and now. I think this book is very good and very detailed. The author makes you want to keep reading into the next book. recommended for ages 13 and up only because of a few gore scenes!'

5* Kelly (
'This book is a great read. I enjoyed the characters a lot. If your into vampires you will enjoy this book very much.

About the author:

Throughout her life, Charmain has wanted to become an author, but family and business commitments stood in the way and her writing consisted of a few short stories on the rare occasion that she had time to write them. In late 2012 a freak accident finally allowed time for Charmain to indulge in her passion for writing.

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