Fragile Destiny; Watching over Grace (Fragile Destiny Sisters)

Fragile Destiny; Watching over Grace (Fragile Destiny Sisters)

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Princessa Clendinen
JR Terrier and Friends are embarking on a wild ride of adventure and excitement. Catch this lovable Jack Russell Terrier as he saves the day, helps his friends, catches bad guys and solves unsolvable international mysteries! FREE color changing pencil to the first 200 sales for every new  More...



For Bria, the Jordan family reunion was just the medicine she needed to mend her emotional bruises. The four Jordan sisters, Pearl, Gabriela, Grace and Faith had not seen each other since the death of their Mother many years ago. Taking her twins, Sam and Anna to meet her family, Bria desperately longed to make a connection like the one she felt when she was a child growing up with her sisters. But this trip turned out to be more drama than she ever imagined. Instead of taking her forward she was plunged right back into her childhood nightmares.

Just as Bria thought things couldn’t get any worse the unimaginable happened. Not only did Bria and her siblings became orphans but her home life had taken a sudden turn for the worse. Was she born just to be punished by God? Was everything destined to be woeful? Was Winnie, named Grace at birth, to always be the proverbial thorn in her side?