Anna's Adventures (Reading The Dead - The Sarah Milton Chronicles)

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J.B. Cameron
J.B. Cameron spent over two decades working in IT, most recently as the IT Director for an online university in New Brunswick, Canada. In his off hours, he writes books, short stories, and screenplays. A product of American TV, his often dark style and black humor typically places fun, ex More...


Companion novella to Fidelis In Aeternum, the second volume of the Reading The Dead - The Sarah Milton Chronicles series, containing two standalone Anna Nigma adventures sure to please!

As LAPD Officer Sarah Milton and her partners close in on the Fancy Dress Killer, none of them realize that a certain invisible hitchhiker is along for the ride. It's a good thing she is, because when the unpredictable Harry Sands gets the upper hand, the surprising intervention of Sarah's ghostly companion turns out to be her only chance for survival.


Sarah's back in Tilford to attend her father's wedding, and guess who's along for the fun? Unknown to the guests, a pair of would-be robbers have picked this moment to rob the house. The hapless bandits planned on everything, except facing off against the poltergeist queen of pranks.

While writing Reading The Dead: Fidelis In Aeternum, I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to present a pivotal scene, that of the arrest of Harry Sands, the Fancy Dress Killer, from the perspective of Sarah's invisible sidekick, Anna Nigma. I wrote the first story in this book, "Anna's Brush With Life" before I even completed the second draft of the book itself. It ties in with the events you'll find in the book, but from the unique perspective of the ghost tagging along. Considering how important her presence ultimately was, I think seeing both sides of the coin really adds a lot to the full story. The second and longer tale, "Happily Ever Afterlife," came from my editor's insistence that I needed to show the wedding ceremony of Sarah's father. I wasn't keen on the idea of sidetracking events of the book too significantly with this, until it occurred to me that it presented a fabulous opportunity to write a "Home Alone"-style comedy adventure with Anna Nigma squaring off against a pair of hapless would-be robbers. Both tales are enjoyable on their own, but as a companion novella to the events in Fidelis In Aeternum, I think the two books perfectly compliment one another. I hope you'll agree!