The Drums of Time (Time Walker) (Volume 2)

General Fiction

By Kurt Burnum

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ABOUT Kurt Burnum

Kurt Burnum
Born in Ely, Nevada Kurt Burnum grew up in small town atmosphere not far from Salt Lake City Utah. Graduating from White Pine High School in 2002 he lead the life of a Blackjack Dealer in The Northeastern Nevada Casinos such as the Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall in Downtown Ely. Currently  More...



The second novel in The Time Walkers saga, The Drums of TimeDrums of Time which illustrates the overwhelming difficulties faced by a family of immortals, and how they could continue living without being able to have the things necessary to function in society. For example, updated birth certificates, ids, such as driver's licenses, etc. In order to live the American Dream. Being immortal, even after over 100 years they still looked to be in their mid twenties! So, after many years of failing to be successful in finding a good way to update their identification which would allow them to live off the many riches in gold and precious stones that they'd acquired over the years that were produced by a secret and lucrative family goldmine. Anyway, not until they were able to find a feasible way to produce up to date forms of identification would they be able to live a normal although immortal, life. Being able to attain a life of comfort, and wealth. The one that they all deserved so much, and the one that they were all searching for! The question is... Will they find and produce the documents they need? Will they find the long lost well? Or, will the sands of time deny these Time Walker's their life of prosperity, fulfilling their destiny by owing their souls to The Water Well of The Eternal!

My story Lonely River Pass is book one of four called The Time Walker Series. Lonely River Pass is all about a young girl named Cameron Dixon who in the early stages of her life ends up facing the facts of living with a family all of their own who are also secretly called, "The Time Walkers". All of whom from an early age from around the same time period of the late nineteenth century B.C. So, as Cameron grew with this family of immortals as a child into adulthood while being surrounded by the beautiful High Desert Mountain areas of The Great Basin National Park inside Briggs County Nevada which is still located between the 8,000 foot elevation Duck Water Mountain Range on one side and Ward Mountain on the other. They're all made out to be of what seems to be a lower middle class income, but not surprisingly, that of which is not? They also own a very lucrative family gold mine. All of which is fine, until their true identity starts to become plain to see by the people around them and when people start to notice that they don't start to age over an length of time they become desperate to form a new identity. Cursed by The Magic of The Well of The Eternal which is filled to the top with golden life giving water made of life itself which it had started at the very beginning of the dawn of time for The Earth itself! Surrounded by a gold mine, diamonds, riches, and The Well of The Eternal, the Dixon family heritage must go on unspoken in the eyes of The Lord and must also be refreshed over a period of time with new identity every fifteen to twenty years. That or they could never survive in today's modern society. They need a paper trail. One of which they must overcome in due time, or cecum to the will of The Mighty Companion. The one who guards and dwells within the well. Together this gang must succeed in gaining the upper hand over the power of the well, and it's life giving properties or they will forever be to forced to walk their life in this world while carrying on living the life of a vagabond? Or, will they finally overcome the harsh reality of living the life of a poor person immortal?