STOP SMOKING-Learn Why Smoking Has Nothing To Do With Nicotine...And How Easy It REALLY Is To STOP!

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Crispian Jones
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The Media Has Been Lying to You About Nicotine in Cigarettes. This book shows you Why Smoking Has NOTHING to do With Nicotine…Well alright.. ALMOST Nothing!

In this book, I will burst your bubble as to the reasons you think smoking is hard to stop. And you will find yourself wondering how you can have been soooo gullible for all these years, as a smoker.

Just for a moment… remember the feelings you get when you buy a new car? Or that special dress, or that favourite perfume? Now remember that feeling you get when you light up that cigarette or the feeling you get just before you light that next fag, even when the filthy thing is still in the packet…right before the disgusting smoke hits your taste buds…yuk! But, remember that lovely, relaxing feeling…

Well in all the situations above you are responding to the release of dopamine… you know it most likely as the “feel good” hormone. This is released by the brain whenever you do something pleasurable. And it is this feeling that is responsible for you having failed to stop smoking. Let me explain.

In your mind now, go back to the very first smoke you had…Remember? You were the ONLY one NOT smoking that day after school, behind the bus shelter, and your best friends, so called, badgered you, pestered you, bullied you, threatened you cajouled you into taking that first innocent ‘puff’ and at that moment you felt as though you had come home, come of age, been accepted as one of the gang, passed the initiation test.. (that is, once you got over almost dying, as the smoke assaulted your throat, and your lungs and your eyes finally stopped watering!). It was at that moment, that your system was flooded with dopamine because you felt, well, great…and that's when you got hooked. From then on your subconscious associated these great feelings of pleasure with that skinny white delivery system of toxins and in doing so established a pattern … “At the time I did that I felt loved and accepted and I felt great… it worked then and it will work again and again and again so I will just do that again and again and again”… until it just became a habit. A subconscious, psychological, habit…Nothing to do with nicotine, from then on. It was only ever the conduit.

If, as most scientists agree, there is no nicotine in your body after 72 hours and 90% of the nicotine metabolites have been metabolised and eliminated from your body, how the hell does nicotine have anything to do with the so called “cravings”, which for a lot of smokers seem to last for weeks or even months? (This 72 hr time frame does change a little depending on the types of testing used but given that the half life of nicotine is 2 hrs and the average amount of nicotine in one cigarette is 1 mg, the amount left after 72 hrs will be microscopic and not influencing or feeding any physiological ‘craving’).

So I put it to you that any so called craving or urge or withdrawal you may experience at any time (even before the 72 hours) is purely a head job, (as per the brief explanation given above) but sadly, in this case…with no ‘happy ending!’ Want to know more about what really lies behind the addiction to cigarettes? Please buy the book and give me a call if you are serious about wanting to save yourself from a self induced, horrible ‘unhappy’ ending, I can help you stop and stay stopped. Buy the book and then go to…