When God Is Silent

Religion & Spirituality

By Kellie Lane

Publisher : Creation House

ABOUT Kellie Lane

kellie lane
Kellie Lane is a passionate communicator and orator of God’s Word with a great desire to motivate His people to reach their maximum potential in Jesus Christ. It is her heartfelt desire for all to connect with and experi- ence God’s love and plan for their lives. She is a free-lance More...



What do you do when you’ve prayed and prayed and there seems to be no answer? 

Kellie Lane knows what it is like to feel as though you are holding a ticket for a ride that’s never going to arrive.

Through personal experience and Bible study she has learned how to hold on to heaven’s promisesfor yourself or otherswhen it seems like all hell is breaking loose.
You will discover why you may be waiting, where God is in this difficult season, and what you can do to cooperate with His plans and purposes for you.

If it feels like the heavens have turned to brass, let prayer warrior Kellie Lane show you how to position yourself to receive the gold that is coming your way through the fire of refinement.

I wrote this book from a pressed place. I wanted my personal experience of dealing with the agony of God being silent to bring forth deliverance for others. There were many times during this book writing that I wanted to give up. There were many days and nights that I declared God’s promises to you in spite of my broken heart and a face filled with tears. But God! He’s so faithful. Be encour- aged and of good cheer. God has not forgotten about you. I can assure you that God will step in right on time. He is a faithful God who answers prayer.

When God is Silent"

Posted Monday, February 3rd 2014 @ 11am

Here we go.....we have taken a new direction with Nikki's Hallelujah Book Club.  Starting tonight, we will feature a book per week, as opposed to a book per month.  This weeks choice is "When God is Silent" by local author Kellie Lane.  Order your copy today and begin to read along with us.  This is a winner, you'll love this one.


Happy reading!

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