Manovigyan- Jivan Ka Rahasya

Manovigyan- Jivan Ka Rahasya

ABOUT Vijay Singal

vijay singal
Vijay Singal Author Born in 1951 at Maler Kotla , Distt.Sangrur, Punjab (India)Vijay Singal is a mechanical engineer by training and a bureaucrat by choice.



Human Body Is A Huge Bank Of Energy And Joy But It Is Always Surrounded By Continues Thoughts Full Of Dissatisfaction. On This Earth, Only Human Being Is The Capable Of Self-Introspection. He Has Got This Ability On The Basis Of His Mind And Body Which Has Developed Over The Years. First Part Of This Book Is Quite Simple But Impressively Deals With The Existence Of Life And Psyche Of The Mankind. Reader Has Been Introduced To Positive Thinking So That He Applies It In His Day To Day Life And Gains Immense Happiness. The Author Has Also Touched On Various Aspects Of Life Existence Like Spiritualism, Existence, and Psychology Etc. In Part Two, The Author Has Pen Down Various Thoughts That Hit The Psyche And Mind Of The Human Being. After Reading This Book, Readers Would Be Able To Join His Inner Thoughts With The Thoughts Of The Author.