The Writer's Edge: Techniques and Thoughts for Every Writer

ABOUT Mike Foley

Mike Foley
Mike Foley is former editor of Dream Merchant Magazine and author of more than 750 published stories and articles. His work has appeared in such publications as The Dream Merchant, Orange Coast, Cream City Review, Mothering, VSA Travel and High Country Life. Mike has also taught fiction an More...



Mike Foley’s monthly column, The Writer’s Edge, has been a source of information and inspiration for more than 15 years. This collection gathers the best articles from the Writer’s Edge series, offering writers focused techniques for working with characters, dialogue, description, action, and the challenges of living the writer’s life. Hundreds of writers have found The Writer’s Edge to be a valuable resource for their writing. Now this collection can help you improve your work and take pride in that special artistic path—being a writer.