Island of Souls

ABOUT Milan Ljubincic

Milan Ljubincic
MILAN LJUBINCIC is an internationally renowned psychologist, speaker, and author of Island of Souls: Light within the Dark. Bridging the gap between psychology and spirit, he embraces a global vision to inspire humanity to live from the heart, to guide those seeking wholeness, and to open  More...



This psychological spiritual adventure chronicles the story of an aspiring young psychologist on a journey to discover the one person he knows little about. On his voyage of self-reflection, Lucas leaves behind the life he knows in Santa Monica and sets sail, with his canine pal Blue, towards an uninhabited tropical island in the equatorial North Pacific. Little does he know that his Garden of Eden has a haunting past. Through mysterious encounters and thoughtful insights, Lucas will experience fun-times, struggles, personal growth, and a new way of seeing, as he uncovers the true meaning behind his island adventure.

The interwoven psychological and spiritual insights in this allegory are some of the guiding principles the author has adopted in his own life journey. Written as a parable with a twist of historical fiction, the story blends real-life events surrounding mysterious Palmyra Atoll, with depth psychology, metaphors, archetypical figures, and mythical symbolism to convey the underlying message of connection, aliveness, and meaning. As much a guide as it is a story, the mysteriously enlightening Island of Souls is an invitation for readers to reflect on their own life journey, and its teachings.