KILL DIET Part 1: How to Eat More, Lose Fat, Save Time, and Enjoy Your Food (KILL DIET Series)

KILL DIET Part 1: How to Eat More, Lose Fat, Save Time, and Enjoy Your Food (KILL DIET Series)

ABOUT Scott Hogan

Scott Hogan
Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Management Consultant (American Council on Exercise).  The KILL DIET program is the culmination of career in nutrition and fitness, aimed at producing dramatic results with an extremely low maintenance program.



What is KILL DIET?
It’s the end of “dieting” as you know it, and a way to simplify your life.
You don’t have to starve yourself or spend 10+ hours a week at the gym to get the body you want. You also don’t have to give up your social life and good food. “Work harder” is replaced with “work smarter” as KILL DIET shows you how to build a simplified, automated template for losing fat, improving energy, and maintaining your ideal body.

Your time is precious, as is your energy. KILL DIET shows you how to preserve both of them while getting the best weight loss results of your life. If one of these descriptions fits you, it’s time to zoom out and take a new approach to nutrition and exercise.

• “The Serial Dieter” – Tried every nutrition program available, and is still not satisfied with her results
• “The Micro-Manager” – Achieved some results in weight loss or body composition improvement, but only through counting, tracking, and constant anxiety about food and exercise
• “The Traveler” - Understands what decisions lead to weight gain or improved health, but cannot get into a routine for the constant travelling, eating out, and varied schedule
• “The Workaholic” – Prioritizes career-pursuits over taking care of his body, because it takes too much time and effort

KILL DIET goes beyond simple nutritional programming, arming you with the knowledge and principles you need to effortlessly shed fat, improve performance, and free up your time so you can focus on LIVING YOUR LIFE. No more tiny-Tupperware-meals or trudging along on horrifyingly boring treadmill sessions. KILL DIET shows you how to eat larger portions, enjoy the foods you love, and exercise less while achieving the best results of your life.

Did you know?
• You don’t have to give up your favorite foods to lose weight.
• Eating high carbohydrate foods at night can be an effective weight loss tactic.
• Most breakfast foods set the stage for hunger and fat storage ALL day.
• A high fat diet can help you BURN fat and preserve lean muscle tissue.

KILL DIET shows you how to eat 1,000+ calorie meals while maintaining 10% body fat. How to exercise less to build muscle and burn fat. But most importantly, it shows you how to make nutrition and fitness enhance your life, instead of detracting from it. It all starts with a focus on simplification; identifying a small set of principles that will give you an unfair advantage in the Battle of the Bulge.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
- E.F. Schumacher

KILL DIET shows you how to move in the opposite direction. But you should be warned: once you start, you’ll likely never go back to your old ways.
KILL DIET is rooted in science with personal and professional training experience attached. This is a manual like no other for losing weight, saving time, and enjoying your favorite foods guilt-free.

KILL DIET Advanced
* For Athletes and Competitors
* For Extreme Weight Loss and Conditioning
* For Muscle Growth
* Get RIPPED eating 1,000+ Calorie Meals: How to Cheat Your System

KILL DIET Resources:
* Grocery Lists
* Example Meal Plans
* Customized Meal Templates
* Restaurant and Survival Guide