The Preacher (Angry Edenites)

The Preacher (Angry Edenites)

ABOUT David J. Rollins

David J. Rollins
David Rollins grew up as a shy, quiet son of two Methodist ministers in South Carolina and is now currently living in Georgia. He has been writing since Seventh Grade and is determined to keep doing so until his fingers fall off and his brain drips out through his nose.



Small churches in small towns generally do not like new preachers. The small church in Wonderville is no different, particularly when the new preacher has a protrusively large Adam’s apple that distractingly bobs up and down during sermons. After many delicious poisoned pies and other attempts on their new preacher’s life, the members of the little church are forced to take more drastic steps. They hire a killer deacon.

Requiem is fairly well-educated and certainly well-protected. He is a preacher after all, and being so ordained, he is immune from things like unnatural deaths. The attempts do still hurt though. He understands what is going on. He understands that his church will not appreciate him until he proves himself. He just doesn’t feel like the church is worth his one last miracle. When he became a preacher, he was given two miracles. He used one some time ago to make his shirt collars fit.

Instead, Requiem enlists in help from the Broken Throated Advocators, a group of like-necked vigilantes who joined together to fight the persecution of men with extremely large Adam’s apples.

Neither Requiem nor his little church will ever be the same.

The Preacher is the first novella in the Angry Edenites series, which is about four people who go looking for the Garden of Eden. Luckily, they have a map.