Spirits of Spring (The Haunting Ruby Series Book 4)

Spirits of Spring (The Haunting Ruby Series Book 4)

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Joy Elbel



With all of winter’s doubt and confusion finally settled, Ruby is ready to face the future and leave her ghost hunting days behind. Unfortunately, one ghost in particular didn’t get the memo. The wandering spirit of Clay Roseman has become attached to her and refuses to move into the afterlife. He has no memories from the last twenty four hours of his life but fears what he may have done during that time. Not thrilled with the idea of being linked to him for eternity, Ruby decides to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his disappearance and death. While Clay himself poses no threat to her, she unwittingly becomes caught in a web of town secrets that someone is willing to kill to keep hidden. Ruby uncovers the truth but not before heartbreaking tragedy strikes. Devastated by the events unfolding around her, she must reach deep inside herself to prepare for the most painful of goodbyes. In the end, Ruby realizes that when it comes to love, as with everything in life, the end is only the beginning.