Dear God: Passionate Prayers in 140 Characters or Less - Volume 1 (The Power of Words)

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In the beginning, God spoke the words "let there be" and everything that he spoke into existence has continued to be. How can we tap into that power and use our words to communicate with the One who has the ability to respond to our requests?

  • Which elements of Hannah's prayer for a son caused God to hear and grant her request?
  • How can we recognize and appreciate God's provision when it doesn't involve money?
  • What is the difference between falling and failing?
  • When should we stop expecting a dream to be fulfilled?
  • Why doesn't God remove every mountain in our lives?
  •      and more...


thanks for sharing & as always, thanks for the inspirational tweets…

It’s my Bday and I didn’t go to sleep last night in the best of moods. God knows what you need. @thatwritingchic inspired me. Love her!!!

I’ve almost allowed this ONE battle to make me give up on everything I love. Your message today has really touched me.

Thank you @thatwritingchic I was just here thinking like whatever in my situation, u inspired me to fight harder for what I want.@StreeteWize

Grateful to hear another woman tell MY story…& other resilient men & women of courage. Thanks for that.@sisterpguitar

Man, I was just blessed by @thatwritingchic . I felt the anointing through my computer screen.@ConnectWithChan

You are always on the real, in a world where hardly anyone ever is. That’s awe-inspiring stuff.@queenesther

It’s always amazing reading your tweets. You offer a dimension seemingly uncommon but God-inspired. Remain blessed.@telemaspeaks